Tiger Woods’ Bluejack National Features a Relaxed Dress Code

November 18, 2015

When Tiger Woods designed his first U.S. golf course, Bluejack National outside of Houston, he told GOLF.com last month that he wanted the track to be “focused on creating an atmosphere where the whole family can come together.” On Bluejack’s par-3 course, Woods added: “I see it as an ideal place to introduce new players to the game in a fun and relaxed setting.”

It turns out that the casual atmosphere extends to the dress code, according to instructor and former PGA Tour player Dave Stockton Jr. Golf Digest reported that Stockton gave a clinic at Bluejack National last week and had a few observations on golfers’ attire:

“There is a relaxed feel,” said Stockton. “If you want to wear jeans, fine. you want to wear your shirt untucked, fine. Look at golf today. Why is the game struggling to find new people to come play? Maybe they don’t want to get dressed up. Today’s kids, and some adults, want a little more relaxed attitude.”

Perhaps Bluejack’s dress code becomes less surprising when we remember that Woods ocassionally sports his own casual style off the course.

The article also states that the property will have a “miniature Fenway Park” for wiffle ball and a skate park built by Eric Koston. A golf club doesn’t get more laid back than that.