The Search for America’s Worst Golf Swing

October 5, 2015

Wanted: America’s Worst Golf Swing.

Yes, we’re serious.

We’re on the hunt for the country’s most hideous swings. The kind that make you wince and look away. The kind that should come with NSFW warnings. The kind that make Charles Barkley’s swing look like Charles Howell’s.

And we need your help finding them. We’re now accepting video submissions for America’s Worst Golf Swing. Could be your father-in-law’s, or a friend’s, or a colleague’s—heck, it could even be your own. After we’ve gathered the nominations, we’ll post the swings on our site and invite you, our loyal readers, to vote on which swing is the foulest of them all.

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Then we’re going to make that swing better. (God willing!) We’ll have a crack team of our Top 100 Teachers break down America’s Worst Swing and put it back together with a detailed improvement plan. Tall order, sure, but they’re not called the Top 100 Teachers for nothing. 

So please send us your most cringe-inducing submissions as soon as possible.

May the worst swing win!

How to send us your swing

1) Drop a link to the video in the comments section below

2) Post a video link to @golf_com on Twitter

3) E-mail a video to extraspin@golf.com

If you need some inspiration, just watch this…