The 17 weirdest, wildest and just plain craziest moments of 2017

December 23, 2017

From terrifying turkeys and hazardous hash browns to a Kid Rock-Jack Nicklaus pairing and Tiger’s headline-generating hair, it’s been a year of many weird and – sometimes – wonderful moments. Let’s get started.

1. In the bizarre animal behavior department, we had a lot of action this year, highlighted by a wild turkey that terrorized golfers in Canada

2. And there was also the time three baby ducklings briefly delayed the Joburg Open

3. Remember when Justin Bieber dropped by the PGA Championship?  

4. Or what about when Ed Sheeran shared this crazy story about getting drunk and hitting Bieber in the face with a golf club? Unexpected! And plenty weird.

5. If we’re talking weird and wonderful, it doesn’t get any better than this fantastically unorthodox golf swing, captured by Tour player Steve Wheatcroft.

6. How’s this for an unlikely golf pairing: Kid Rock and Jack Nicklaus. Not only did they play together at the inaugural Skins Shootout at the Bass Pro Legends of Golf tournament, they also beat Gary Player and Lee Trevino

7. High school junior Emily Nash won the Central Mass. Division 3 boys’ golf tournament, but she was denied the trophy because she’s a girl. That was weird and not wonderful.

8. Maybe I’m just a traditionalist, but I found it strange to see Tour players wearing shorts at the PGA Championship this year.

9. And speaking of the PGA Championship, did anyone else find it a little crazy when Rory McIlroy was asked to sign a baby?

10. In the strange souvenir category, Jordan Spieth’s caddie Michael Greller takes the, um, rake: He actually brought home a rake from the Traveler’s Championship.

11. Hey, we know you love the game, Mr. President, and we know it is your golf course, but it’s still crazy when you decide to drive your golf cart on the green.

12. Tiger’s hair made headlines not once, but twice this year. First, Scott Van Pelt teased the Big Cat when he joined him on SportsCenter in March… 

13. …then, a small internet firestorm erupted in May when ESPN aired a version of Tiger’s mugshot that looked a bit … altered

14. Kevin Sutherland claimed his first ever Champions Tour victory at the Charles Schwab Cup Championship in November, and subsequently, the Charles Schwab Cup prize. Meanwhile, Bernhard Langer, who rang up seven wins in 22 events and earned more than a million dollars more than his nearest rival, had to settle for second. Weird? You betcha!

15. It’s definitely odd when you have to check your morning hash browns for fragments of … golf balls? Yep, it happened.

16. Phil Mickelson made headlines when he identified the Tour’s biggest trash-talker. Wait, what? It’s Matt Kuchar

17. Hey, it wouldn’t be a proper roundup of weird if we didn’t include at least one Bill Murray item, and this awkward interview brush-off from the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is perfect.

Here’s to more weird and wonderful golf news in 2018!