Take It From Arnie: 14 Classic Arnold Palmer Sayings

November 19, 2016

Arnold Palmer, who passed away at the age of 87 in September, will be remembered for much more than his talent on the golf course. But of course he was also a lifelong student of the game. These are his best tips and wisdom for ordinary golfers on staying focused, improving your swing, and enjoying yourself on the course.

1. You play golf to enjoy yourself. Give the ball a healthy whack and have fun.

2. Ninety percent of golf is mental.

3. Think about your game as you drive to the course, but think constructively.

4. Before you tee off, warm up.

5. Keep your head still during your swing.

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6. Don’t bend your wrists for the first 12 inches of the backswing.

7. Take the club back only as far as you can maintain complete control of it.

8. Use enough club on iron shots. Most golfers don’t.

9. Avoid trying to correct fundamentals during play.

10. Concentrate especially hard during the first three holes.

11. Always play aggressively. Attack the course— or it will attack you.

12. Try to hit shots that seem “impossible.” Most weekend golfers play things way too safe.

13. If you get tired, swing easier, not harder.

14. Give the game your best, and in turn it will give you the most pleasure.

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