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Survey: 60% of recreational golfers break the rules at least once per round

April 26, 2017

The pros are sticklers for following the Rules of Golf. 

Amateurs? Not so much. 

A new survey from GOLF.com found that 60% of golfers break or bend the rules at least once a round, while 36% admit to violating the rules two or more times per round. (Perhaps that’s not all that surprising when you consider that even golf’s governing bodies believe that the rules are too complicated, which has prompted a major rules overhaul to be rolled out in 2019.)

As for which rules golfers most commonly break, breakfast balls appear to be one of the main culprits. More from the survey:

Do you regularly take a mulligan on the first tee?

Yes — 33.1%
No — 66.9%

Do you consider taking a mulligan on the first tee to be cheating?

Yes — 25.1%
No — 74.9%

On average, how many times per round do you break or bend the rules?

You can find the complete survey results here