Joe Buck has the best strategy for handling losing on the golf course

Joe Buck has seen it all in the world of professional sports. As a famed sportscaster for Fox Sports, Buck has handled the play-by-play duties for countless Super Bowls, World Series and many other big-time events.

For the five years that Fox Sports had the broadcast rights, Buck was the main man in the booth for U.S. Open, including Jordan Spieth’s dramatic 2015 victory at Chambers Bay and Dustin Johnson’s major breakthrough the following year at Oakmont.

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By: James Colgan

But back in July, Buck ditched the booth to go inside the ropes as a competitor at the star-studded American Century Celebrity Championship. While there, he sat down with GOLF Subpar host Drew Stoltz on top of the TravisMathew bus on-site.

Buck spent a lot of time fielding questions about his storied broadcasting career, but eventually Stoltz brought it back to the matter at hand: golf, and, more specifically, Buck’s chances at the celebrity event in Lake Tahoe (hint: not good).

“I’ve played enough with Mardy Fish. I’ve played enough with Tony Romo. I’ve played enough with all of these guys at the top — and [John] Smoltz,” Buck said of some of his highly-talented opponents at the American Century. “I’ve played enough with these guys to know that I can’t beat them over three days, so, just who cares?”

Then Buck shared his strategic solution whenever he’s being outclassed on the golf course: “Drinking.”

“The worse I play the more I start to drink,” Buck explained, “And then it kind of goes back the other way, I start playing better because I don’t care.”

It’s a classic case of “whatever works for you” when it comes to playing your best. Just be warned: if you plan on following Buck’s example, know that alcohol often has the opposite effect on golfers’ swings and scores, making them worse, not better.

You can check out the full Subpar interview with Buck above or check out the full list of American Century interviews on the latest episode of GOLF’s Subpar below.

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