Stewart Cink: 5 Things in My Fridge

July 13, 2015

You can learn a lot about golfers by looking in their bags. You can learn plenty more by examining the contents of their refrigerators. Twinkies or tofu? Red Bull or red potatoes? Vodka or vodka sauce? The icebox reveals all. In our latest installment of “5 Things,” former British Open champion and self-proclaimed foodie Stewart Cink dishes on his home fridge in Duluth, Ga. Spoiler alert: no sign of a claret milk jug.

1. “I love to cook, but barbeque is pretty much my only avenue. Barbequing has become a real fun hobby and passion for me. My friends and I have a competitive barbeque team, and we have found that Blues Hog Barbeque Sauce is really great to put on our meats. I always have a supply in my fridge for competitions, practices or good eats.”

2. “My wife and I try to cover all of our bases nutritionally, and we are dedicated to super food powders. I call them sticks and twigs, because that’s kind of what they taste like. We mix the powders with crushed up berries and plain Greek yogurt for an awesome purple-colored fruity mixture. I try to make a huge vat of it each week, and I eat about half a cup every morning.”

3. “My best friend’s father makes these pickles called Parker’s Pickles based on a family recipe handed down through the generations. They are absolutely wonderful — a real sought after prize for people around Atlanta since they are not commercially available. We keep them around for sandwiches or just about any food that would be good with pickles.”

4. “As the only coffee drinker in the family, I keep a small amount of half and half in the fridge. I have tried all of the other cream substitutes like coconut and soymilk, but half and half is the only way to go. I don’t even pass the grocery store without thinking about whether I need more half and half.”

5. “My family likes apples, but we specifically love honey crisp apples. Since they are only in season for about six months, we usually buy a lot of them when we see them in the store. As a distant second, we sometimes eat Fuji’s. But nothing compares to the honey crisp. They’re awesome.”

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