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Steve Williams says 2018 will be his last year caddying, broadcasting career a ‘possibility’

November 7, 2017

Steve Williams confirmed in podcast published Monday that 2018 will be his final year as a caddie, ending a career that began in 1979.

“Next year will probably be — certainly be — absolutely my last year of caddying,” Williams told ISeekGolf. “The only reason I’d like to caddie next year is that it’s sort of a personal milestone: It’ll be 40 years next year.”

Williams reaffirmed that his professional relationship with Adam Scott won’t continue into the new year, but that he plans to pick up a couple loops for different players.

“I’ll caddy a few tournaments,” he said. “I’m not sure who for yet, but I’ll just caddie a handful of tournaments next year and that’ll be it.”

Podcast hosts Rod Morri and Bruce Young asked the New Zealander about a variety of topics, including advancements in yardage books and green-reading books, which Williams lamented.


“There’s no doubt that a lot of the information that’s getting provided now has taken a lot of the skill, and the art, and the natural gift of playing the game,” he said. “Greens-reading books, for one, I’m totally against greens-reading books. I mean, I think it’s a skill of the game not to have a book provided that absolutely gives you a detailed description of the green, and if you read the book accurately you know how exactly far your putt is gonna break.

“I think that’s really something that really needs to be looked at, because I think reading the greens is a skill in itself.”

Williams noted lightheartedly that when he first started caddying for Tiger Woods, the superstar “wasn’t the most accurate driver of the golf ball, and he’d get in some positions on the golf course where the yardage book wouldn’t have the yardages.”

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What’s next for Williams? For now, he said he’s playing more golf, having joined a regular Tuesday game at his course in Auckland. His handicap is a 6.9, but dropping. And he didn’t rule out following Jim Mackay, Phil Mickelson’s former caddie, into the broadcasting world.

“You don’t say no to anything,” he said. “It’s a possibility.”