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Stephen A. Smith says Tiger Woods is a ‘lost soul’ following DUI arrest

May 29, 2017

Outspoken sports personality Stephen A. Smith called Tiger Woods “a lost soul” following Woods’s DUI arrest on Monday morning.

Woods was booked and released on DUI charges in Jupiter, Fla., early on Memorial Day, which comes a month after he had a fourth back surgery that will keep him from competing on the PGA Tour for most, if not all, of this season.

Smith, discussing the incident on ESPN’s First Take, said he believes Woods’s troubles started in 2009, when his marital affairs became public.

“When he got busted, it’s hard to look at the world and know that everyone sees you as the phony that you are, so he’s been about the reclamation project of rebuilding his image so he can walk into a room every day, shake hands with folks, have interviews with him that aren’t too probing,” Smith said.

Smith added that Woods’s quest to improve his image after the affairs seemed more important to him than winning.

“What you are witnessing today before your very eyes is not just an individual who has fallen from grace, it’s an individual that finds it very difficult to look himself in the mirror, because he knows he got busted by the entire world for being the liar and the phony that he was at that particular moment in time,” Smith said. “Until he gets it out of his mind to get beyond that, until he gets back to the point where he can give two cents about what anybody thinks or what anybody says and just goes about the business of getting himself healthy, he is going to be an absolute mess.”

Here’s everything Woods has done since he last played professional golf, and you can watch Smith’s complete interview below.