Smylie Kaufman Gets a New Sponsor: Natural Light Beer

August 11, 2016

First there was the LPGA’s Brooke Pancake signing a deal with Waffle House. Then there was Andrew “Beef” Johnston partnering with Arby’s. Now we have Smylie Kaufman—and Natty Light?

Kaufman announced on Twitter today that he has a new sponsor: the infamously frat-boy-beverage-of-choice, Natural Light, aka “Natty Light.” Kaufman’s partnership with the beer company certainly pairs well with his tank-top-wearing bro-tastic time in the Snapchat spotlight during SB2k16 with Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth.

Kaufman’s tweet about the deal shows him reclining in a chair made of beer and holding a can in one hand. No doubt he’ll be drinking a few as he cheers on his bro Fowler in the Olympics this week.