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Sir Alex Ferguson Tells Willett He Lost Thousands Betting on Spieth

April 12, 2016

Most people who have lost $11,000 on a golf bet would not be particularly pleased. Sir Alex Ferguson, however, was overjoyed that he’d squandered his cash on Sunday — because his loss meant that Danny Willett triumphed.

Ferguson, the former manager of Manchester United of the English Premier League, and newly crowned Masters champion Willett are shown together in the video below. In it Ferguson says he bet 8,000 (he likely meant pounds, which means about $11,400 U.S. dollars) on a Jordan Spieth victory at the Masters, but he’s not mad about it. “I’m so delighted, honestly,” Ferguson told his countryman. “Happy to throw it away.” Willett’s response? “Exactly. You need to know where to put your money.”

That confidence served Willett well in his final round at Augusta National. A bogey-less 67 was enough to earn him a green jacket.