The ‘sad’ legend of Anthony Kim at Oklahoma, according to a rising Tour pro

Many years since he left the PGA Tour due to injury and then mysteriously stayed away for good, Anthony Kim’s legacy lingers in the pro golf world. At his alma mater Oklahoma University, Kim’s legend is as strong as ever, at least according to one of OU’s recent star players.

Hailing from New Jersey, Chris Gotterup was a standout redshirt senior for the Sooners this year, riding an incredible playing record to earn two Player of the Year titles in 2022: the Fred Haskins Award and the Jack Nicklaus Award.

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Now Gotterup is playing on the PGA Tour Canada while he works his way toward a PGA Tour card.

Shortly after finishing T43 at the 2022 U.S. Open at Brookline, Gotterup joined GOLF’s Subpar podcast, and in the midst of a long conversation with hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, the subject of “the mythical creature” Anthony Kim and his lasting legend among the OU golf community naturally came up.

“He’s mythical to me, too. Coach always talked about it,” Gotterup revealed. “[Kim] would come up randomly once a year when coach was there, but other than that you never saw him, you just heard about him.”

But when asked about the AK stories he heard during his time at OU, Gotterup decided not to divulge the goods.

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“There are some good ones. I don’t know how much I can share,” Gotterup said, “He told us a couple, but I probably can’t say too much about it.”

The one thing Gotterup did reveal is that according to his coach, AK, now 37, still has some serious game.

“He said even to this day when [Kim] comes up and hits balls, it’s almost sad because he’s still so good and no one is able to see it. But he said [Kim] was a freak of nature, he was so good.”

You can listen to Gotterup’s full appearance on the Subpar podcast below.

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