Ryder Cupper’s press conference ends in hilariously profane fashion

tyrrell hatton

Tyrrell Hatton laughs during his Ryder Cup press conference.

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Tyrrell Hatton has a reputation as one of the tour’s most fiery players, but if you’re wondering whether or not he’s self-conscious about his behavior, he’s definitely not. In fact, he’s shown a willingness to poke some fun at himself for his on-course meltdowns. (Remember Hatton’s memorable cameo in the DP World Tour’s 2021 anger-management video? Watch it here.)

When it comes to venting anger on the course, Hatton is one of the most notorious pros in the game. Club throws, tomahawk chops, sarcastic gestures, he’s done it all. Oh yes, and swearing. Lots and lots swearing.

Hatton’s penchant for potty-mouth language has landed him in hot water in the past, when broadcast mics have picked up his utterances after a shot. And at his Ryder Cup press conference on Wednesday, Hatton didn’t shy away from the topic — and even brought the house down with a well-timed curse to prove it.

WARNING: Video below includes profanity.

The back-and-forth stated with a question about Hatton’s Ryder Cup teammate, Jon Rahm, another player known for wearing his heart on his sleeve on the course. Who’s better at swearing?

“I don’t understand why Jon doesn’t swear in Spanish,” Hatton replied. “Why does he swear in English? I don’t get it. He would probably get away with it if he just swore in Spanish. Maybe the English language has a bit more punch to it with certain words.”

When Hatton was asked if he knew any Spanish swear words, he demurred.

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“I think I’d do a pretty poor — I’d give it a pretty poor attempt,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself or to, yeah, just upset Jon, I guess, in front of him. I think I would probably win in a swear-off. I’ve got everyone covered when it comes to that.”

When the reporter pushed Hatton to clarify just how extensive his profanity prowess is, Hatton played along.

“Yeah. Just any time of day, anywhere. No holding back,” he said.

Then, Hatton dropped some comedic gold.

“Doesn’t matter what we’re doing. I’m swearing,” he said. “F— off.”

As the room erupted in laughter, Hatton laughed along.

“Cheers, guys,” he said. “Have a wonderful day.”

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