Run for the hills: Viral monster alligator ‘Chubbs’ is back

Chubbs. Remember him? No, not the kind golf pro who taught Happy Gilmore to control his emotions, the monstrous 15-foot alligator that lives in Florida. Well, it’s back scaring golfers at his resident Florida golf course once again.

Chubbs rose to internet fame in 2016, where he was spotted taking a stroll across Buffalo Creek Golf Course and scaring everyone in the process. His original name — “Boss of the Moss” — was ditched after an internet poll re-named him “Chubbs,” and he’s been legend at the local golf course ever since. Staff at the course say the gator is often an attraction in itself, with many golfers paying the greens fee at Buffalo Creek hoping to grab a glimpse of the beast.

And, well, Chubbs is back again! This week, more footage resurfaced of Chubbs — you guessed it — taking a nice stroll across the course. He doesn’t seem to be trying to scare anyone on purpose. Just out for a nice sunny stroll. But regardless, the gator scared people because, let’s face it, Chubbs is just kind of scary.

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