Rory McIlroy’s Season Chronicled By The Numbers in New Ad

October 5, 2015

2015 was considered by many a “lost season” for world no. 3 Rory McIlroy. He even considered it “disappointing.” Even though an ankle injury kept him from completing a full season, McIlroy put his body through plenty this season, as summed up by a recent advertisement he appeared in.

McIlroy recently appeared in an ad for Santander Spendlytics, a person finance app, which totaled his movement and appearances in 2015. The numbers were pretty astounding.

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He walked 1,500 km (~932 miles), hit 16,500 balls, did 6,320 pull ups, gave 6,350 autographs and 210 interviews. He visited 118 airports throughout his worldwide travel schedule, spending 350 hours in the air and 287 nights in various hotels. That’s roughly four of five nights, year-round.

There’s a bit of irony in McIlroy’s endorsement for a personal budgeting app. It comes at no surprise that McIlroy’s finances extend far beyond the typical consumer, but he might not be the type of person that needs to strictly budget his finances. Luckily for him, as he said recently, $10 million (which he could have won with the FedEx Cup) “doesn’t mean much” to him anymore.