Is Rory McIlroy getting ready to join the distance arms race?

rory mcilroy hits driver

After Bryson DeChambeau neutered Winged Foot on his way to his first major victory, Rory McIlroy had some pointed thoughts on the bomb-and-gouge method he’d employed.

“I think he’s taken advantage of where the game is at the minute,” McIlroy said. “I’m not saying that’s right or wrong. He’s just taking advantage of what we have right now.”

McIlroy also said he had a hard time wrapping his head around it, but that overall he was impressed with what DeChambeau had accomplished. DeChambeau’s methods have been polarizing in the golf world, but when you look at the results, it’s hard not to believe in what he’s doing.

And though McIlroy was skeptical of beefy Bryson’s “taking advantage” of modern technology, it appears he’s on his own quest for speed. On McIlroy’s Instagram story this weekend, he posted his ForeSight numbers showing some serious distance.


His initial skepticism seems to have passed, and with a ball speed of 186 and carry distance of 340, that’s a pretty serious lash. It’s doubtful that McIlroy will be as gung-ho about the need for speed as DeChambeau has been, but if he starts to focus on more speed than he already possesses — watch out.

McIlroy is already among the longest hitters on Tour (he averaged 314 yards off the tee last season), so he won’t have to up his speed too much to match DeChambeau. But with DeChambeau hinting that he is going to push himself to the absolute limits in search of more yards, McIlroy will need to start catching up quick.

The distance arms race is officially here.

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