Rory McIlroy Chimes In, Finishes Brandel Chamblee’s Swing Debate


The most stirring debate of the week has nothing to do with the CareerBuilder Challenge and everything to do with TrackMan numbers.

Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee began the discussion by tweeting out that “Last week 30 of 32 players hit their tee shots [with] a descending blow.” You can see that below.

It became a controversial tweet, and several accounts questioned the numbers, eventually to the extent that Rory McIlroy chimed in. He cited a photo (presumably of Jordan Spieth’s Trackman numbers) that was contrary to Chamblee’s thought.

But it didn’t stop there.

Eventually, Chamblee deleted his original tweet and apologized for the mistake. The 30 of 32 players had a negative HLA (Horizontal Launch Angle), which relates to the direction of the ball, not the angle of attack. To further understand swing analysis, check out this glossary that explains the esoteric terms. 

This isn’t the first time McIlroy has had fun with Chamblee, either. Remember this tweet?

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