Relax, Internet: Jordan Spieth did NOT break a rule on the 13th hole at Birkdale

July 26, 2017

Jordan Spieth’s 13th hole at Royal Birkdale caused quite the stir on Twitter. It’s time to end the controversy once and for all. 

Spieth’s drop was abnormal, sure, but it was deemed appropriate by numerous officials from the R&A. We also explained why Spieth’s play was within the Rules of Golf, as did various other media outlets. 

But it wasn’t enough for one of the more popular Twitter accounts in the golf space, @TronCarterNLU from No Laying Up, who made his perspective public—sarcastic, or troll-tastic, as it may have been. He insinuated that Spieth may have used his three-wood as an alignment aid, and the tweet received a variety of responses, including from many readers who didn’t catch the sarcasm. Do yourself a favor and check out the replies.

A number of accounts messaged Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee about it. How many? Only Chamblee knows, but it was apparently enough to inspire him to get out the ol’ telestrator and show that the three-wood was on a much different line than Spieth’s aiming point.

If Brandel rests his case, we are ready to do so as well, and so should you. Carter, on the other hand, might still be (sarcastically) stewing about it.