Rapping Miss Texas Asks Jordan Spieth on a Date

August 21, 2015
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Lately, it’s good to be Jordan Spieth.

The 22-year-old just secured the world number one ranking, had two major wins this season and twelve other top-10 finishes. His sister and some fans have endorsed his presidential nomination. He threw a mean first pitch at a Texas Rangers game that saw Zach Johnson donate five thousand dollars to Spieth’s foundation as a result of a friendly wager.

And now, Miss Texas wants to take him out on a date.

During a live television interview at the same Rangers game Spieth pitched at, Shannon Sanderford told sideline reporter Jim Knox that her talent for the upcoming Miss America pageant was singing. When he asked her for a sample, he encouraged her to do a little rapping saying: “You know, rap is kind of big right now. This could put you over the top. Can you put something out for us?”

Here’s the freestyle Sanderford performed:

“Yo Ranger fans, Miss Texas in the house. C’mon, y’all. Let me hear a shoutout. I threw the first pitch, got it over home plate. Hey, Jordan Spieth. You wanna call me for a date?”

Here’s the full video:

Maybe she didn’t know this, but Spieth’s girlfriend Annie Verret was in attendance that night. Oops!

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