Woman buys Q-school star’s stolen golf clubs from homeless man, sells them back to him

Cody Blick posted this photo on Instagram after being reunited with his stolen Titleist clubs.

Cody Blick was the best story to come out of Q-school this fall. Blick fired a miraculous 63 in the final round to earn conditional PGA Tour status… all without his golf clubs which had been stolen the night before. But now, at long last, Blick has been reunited with his sticks, via an Arizona woman and a homeless man.

Blick had largely given up on ever seeing his stolen clubs again when his mom, Carla, sent him a text this week that changed everything.

According to Golf Channel, Carla says a woman from Arizona contacted her with a wild story. She had encountered a homeless man recently asking for money, reportedly for a hotel room. The woman then asked the man if he had anything to sell. With that, the man disappeared into his tent and reappeared with a bag of Titleist golf clubs, which the woman gave him $75 for.

Luckily for Cody, his last name “Blick” was stamped on the wedges, so when the woman searched for information about them on the internet, she quickly came across Blick’s incredible Q-school story. Once she realized the true provenance of the clubs, she was able to contact Carla through the Whitepages, who then related the tale to her son.

“I was pretty excited, but I was also pretty skeptical,” Blick told Golf Channel on Friday.

Eventually, a friend of Blick’s met the woman at an In-N-Out Burger in California and gave her $300 to re-acquire the long-lost clubs.

The clubs ended up being in great shape, especially Blick’s beloved Scotty Cameron putter, but his bag was destroyed.

“It’s a cool story and everything, but the fact that they were in some dude’s tent kinda creeps me out,” Blick said.

Blick doesn’t plan on using the clubs due to the fact that Titleist quickly provided him with a new set after Q-school, but he’s considering putting them in a glass case eventually to preserve them for history.

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