Pros name fastest, slowest players on PGA Tour in SI/GOLF.com anonymous player poll

March 20, 2017

PGA Tour players are naming names, and some lists are more enviable to land on than others.

Among the subjects covered in Sports Illustrated/GOLF.com’s 2017 anonymous player poll, in which 50 pros gave their unfiltered opinions on dozens of the game’s hottest topics, was pace of play.

Who was named the speediest player? Two-time Bay Hill winner Matt Every.

Eighteen percent of those polled named Every as the fastest player on Tour (18% also answered “me” to that question), with Matt Jones coming in next with 14% of the vote. They were followed by Bill Haas (8%), Colt Knost (6%) and Dustin Johnson (4%).

As for Tour tortoises, five-time Tour winner Ben Crane was named by his peers as the slowest player, receiving 21% of the vote. Kevin Na grabbed 17% of the vote, followed by Jason Day (11%), Jordan Spieth (8%) and Andrew Loupe (4%).

Said one player, “Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Ben Crane—the list (of slow players) goes on and on.”

When discussing pace of play in January, Day said he’ll play at whatever pace he feels most comfortable.

“In my opinion, I don’t care so much about speeding up my game,” he said. “I’ve got to get back to what makes me good. If that means I have to back off five times, then I’m going to back off five times before I have to actually hit the shot.”

When asked if Day specifically plays too slow, only 42% of those polled said that he does. Twenty-six percent said no and 32% declined to comment.

One player said that Day, among other pros who contend on a consistent basis, have more leeway when it comes to pace of play.

“He’s in the last group a lot, and the last group is always slower,” he said.

Added another pro, “The last group gets to do whatever they want.”

In response to another question, 84% of players said slow play is a problem on the PGA Tour, with 40% saying they would get behind a “shot clock.”

One player said that “only a few guys cause a problem” with slow play, and another added that “it’s not as big a deal as people make it out to be.”

One player said a shot clock shouldn’t be used, instead insisting “more common sense” is all that’s needed. “It’s silly when a guy takes forever from the middle of the fairway,” he continued. “There needs to be give and take.”

The complete poll includes the pros’ unfiltered takes on Donald Trump-owned courses, Olympic golf, the worst courses on Tour, Tiger Woods’s future and more. You can find that here or take a portion of the survey below.