Poll results: Answers to golf’s 18 toughest choices

January 24, 2017

Every golfer loves a good debate: Tee high or tee it low? Jack or Tiger? Scotland or Ireland? But where do GOLF.com readers come down on these age-old questions? Over several days last week we polled you on 18 choices that golfers face, with the hopes of better understanding the psyche of the American golfer. More than 3,800 of you voiced your opinions, and some of the results might surprise you. (Zach Johnson over Dustin Johnson?!) The envelope, please!

1. In your ideal round, you are…

Walking: 64%
Riding: 36%

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2. If you have time for one, your pre-round warm-up is at the…

Driving Range: 53%
Putting Green: 47%

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3. When it comes to the rules, you play…

By the book: 60%
Fast and loose: 40%

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4. Which of these two events would you rather attend?

The Masters: 81%
Ryder Cup: 19%

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5. The greatest golfer of all time is:

Tiger Woods:  38%
Jack Nicklaus: 62%

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6. With driver in hand, you prefer to…

Tee it high: 70%
Tee it low: 30%

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7. If you can only carry one or the other…

Hybrid: 81%
3-iron: 19%

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8. Would you rather drive it…

As long as Dustin Johnson: 49%
As accurate as Zach Johnson: 51%

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9. If you could get one lesson, it would be from…

Butch Harmon: 74%
Hank Haney: 26%

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10. Your dream golf destination is…

Scotland: 70%
Ireland: 30%

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11. From the apron of the green, you’re pulling a…

Wedge: 30%
Putter: 70%

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12. During a round, you’re…

Boozing: 24%
Abstaining: 76%

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13. At the course your cell phone policy is…

In your pocket: 14%
In your bag: 73%
In your car: 13%

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14. The ideal number of holes in one day is…

9: 3%
18: 72%
36: 25%

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15.  In most rounds you prefer to…

Tee it forward: 65%
Play the tips: 35%

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16. The most iconic par 3 in America is…

No. 7 at Pebble Beach: 30%
No. 12 at Augusta: 70%

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17. When facing a risky approach to a par 5, you’re most likely to…

Go for it: 36%
Lay up: 64%

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18. The most important question of all: At the turn, you’re gabbing a…

Burger: 24%
Hot dog: 68%
Wheatgrass smoothie: 7%

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