Players will have walk-up music at this weekend’s event…but they have to earn it

July 27, 2017

The’s Digital Ally Open in Overland Park, Kansas, is adding a bit of intrigue to the 17th hole this week, a par 3.

According to a picture of the player registration form posted by Scott Langley on Twitter, players have been asked to select a first and second choice for a “walk-up” song, which will play as they approach the 17th green. 

The catch? In order to hear your song of choice, you have to be the closest to the pin in your group. If your song selection is deemed inappropriate by the tournament committee, one will be selected for you.

Needless to say, Langley’s post elicited some interesting song suggestions from his fellow pros:

But the eventual winner was courtesy of Langley’s two-year-old daughter, Kennedy.

Here’s hoping those Kansas fans will be treated to the sweet sounds of Dwayne Johnson, Scott!