Who would win a player/caddie tournament? Rickie Fowler’s caddie has takes

Aside from the Ryder and Presidents Cups each fall, team golf rarely sees the big stage at golf’s highest level.

The only exception is the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, which has employed a team format ever since 2017, and has added quite a bit of intrigue.

But this week on GOLF’s Subpar, co-hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz floated an idea to their guest: What if the Zurich became a player/caddie team event?

This week’s guest, Rickie Fowler’s caddie Ricky Romano, was the perfect guest to ask the question to. He had no hesitation as to who would be the favorites in the potential event.

“Rick and I,” Romano told Knost and Stoltz.

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By: Jessica Marksbury

The reason Romano was so bullish on his and his boss’s chances if he got to hit shots next to him? Romano happens to be a helluva stick himself.

Romano played golf at the University of Houston and helped the Cougars to eight team titles during his junior season. According to a 2018 interview with The Caddie Network, Romano plays to a plus-three handicap.

However, Romano isn’t much of an outlier when it comes to loopers who could give their bosses a run for their money.

While he didn’t hesitate on his and Fowler’s chances, he, Knost and Stoltz were able to rattle off some other potential contenders.

“There’s some good squads. I would say JJ Jakovac and Collin Morikawa. That would be a good one,” Romano said. “[John] Ellis and Wyndham [Clark].”

“Depending on the course,” added Knost, “[Joe] Greiner and Max [Homa].”

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Stoltz mentioned how much excitement there would be around this type of event and Romano added that it’s not the first time he’s heard the idea.

“I’ve had this conversation with numerous people and they all say the same thing,” Romano said. “It would be great.”

But there’s a problem. There just aren’t that many players with caddies who can hang with the best golfers in the world. They’d probably be on Tour if they could.

“It wouldn’t be the hugest field,” Stoltz said.

“So maybe they do that,” Romano said. “Maybe you do like a 20-team field.”

“And the winner gets a Masters Invitation!” Knost joked.

But the size of the field and sakes would be something they could figure out later. All three agreed the event could be a huge hit.

“I think think fans would love it,” Romano said. “More importantly, right? … I think it would be good for TV.”

For more from Romano, including how an Instragam DM was instrumental in getting him the job with Fowler, check out the full episode below.

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