Pimento cheese sandwiches gross you out? Fine. Here are 17 other ways to enjoy the official cheese of the Masters

April 8, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Few dishes are more polarizing than the pimento cheese sandwich. You either love it, or … well, you share the sentiment of a British golf journalist who tweeted Saturday: “BREAKING: It has been confirmed that pimento cheese sandwiches taste like feet.”

If you’re a hater, fine, but don’t write off pimento cheese entirely, because there are so many other ways to enjoy the mushy mix of whipped cheese and peppers. Here are 17 recipes — 17! — starring the official cheese of the Masters. At least one of them ought to appeal to you.

On tater tots:

With fried chicken:

With healthy stuff…

… or really fancy stuff:

On tomatoes:

On brioche, with a ton of other tasty stuff:

With pulled pork:

With country ham:

With eggs:

In peppers:

With grits:

On potatoes:

With artichokes:

With steak:

With fish:

On a biscuit:

As a dip with a cold beer: