PGA Tour Photoshops Curls Out of Thomas Pieters’ Headshot

January 27, 2016
Peiters headshot.jpg

Did the PGA Tour give Thomas Pieters a haircut?

The 23-year-old pro posted a photo to Facebook of his original PGA Tour headshot next to what appears online at

Pieters wrote: “Guess the PGA Tour doesn’t like my curly hair, so they gave me a photoshop haircut…The pic on the left is the Official PGA Tour head shot, the pic on the right is the original. PGA TOUR #wherearemycurls”

You can see the noticeable difference in the photos below. Ty Votaw, the PGA Tour’s executive VP and chief global communications officer, released this statement:

“In the standard process of prepping new headshots for broadcast TV, electronic scoreboards and other uses — which always requires a bit of retouching and color-correction — our vendor was a bit too heavy-handed in the editing of Thomas Pieters’ photo. The image has been returned more closely to the original photo — although some editing is always required — and reissued to our database. We regret this sequence of events and meant no disrespect to Thomas. We think he has a great head of hair.”