PGA of America will allow players to wear shorts during practice rounds

February 28, 2017

Tour players may soon get some heat relief on the course (at least in some venues): PGA President Paul Levy announced Tuesday that players will now be permitted to wear shorts during practice rounds at PGA of America member and major championships.

The move is one that many pro golfers support, particularly for tournaments taking place in sweltering temperatures or desert climates. Last year, the European tour passed a similar rule allowing players to wear shorts during practice rounds and pro-ams.

“It’s awesome. It will be something that I would love to see on the PGA Tour as well,” Jordan Spieth said last year. “Guys seem to all love it [on the Euro tour]. I’ve not heard one person, one tour player complain about it.”

Players participating in the 2017 PGA Championship at Quail Hollow Club are also likely to welcome the change: Average temperatures in Charlotte, N.C., regularly climb into the 90s in August.

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