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PETA Suggests Andrew Johnston Go By ‘Tofu’ Not ‘Beef’

August 2, 2016

You can add “animal product nicknames” to the list of things PETA is against.

In a letter to Andrew “Beef” Johnston, PETA’s Kate Smith (described in a release as a “celebrity liason,” which is a thing for some reason), sent Beef some tofu sausages and suggested he change his nickname from “Beef” to “Tofu.” 

Andrew “Tofu” Johnston. I wish I were kidding. Is PETA kidding? We aren’t sure. Here’s a snippet from the letter: 

“Dear Andrew,

Congratulations on all your success this year! Like many others, we’ve been enthusiastically following your career, and we thought we’d send you a gift of delicious vegan steaks and burgers in the hope that you’ll consider adopting a kinder, healthier vegan lifestyle, which would pave the way for a new nickname: Andrew ‘Tofu’ Johnston.”

Johnston, who said he goes by “Beef” because his curly hair looks like a side of beef, one of his friends once told him, recently signed an endorsement deal with Arby’s.