One Texas club got creative to save its golf carts from Hurricane Harvey’s wrath

September 13, 2017

As Irma’s destructive journey through the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S. comes to an end, it’s easy to forget that just two weeks ago Houston, Texas and the surrounding region were dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey’s worst effect was catastrophic flooding in numerous towns and cities. The Wilderness at Lake Jackson Golf Club was no different. Located just south of Houston on the Gulf Coast, the club experienced massive flooding on their course. But thanks to some creative planning ahead of the storm, when the worst was over they had saved their golf carts and maintenance vehicles.

That’s because they strategically placed all of their golf carts and high-tech course mower on parts of the course that are the highest about sea level. When the floodwaters came, they halted when they reached the circles of vehicles parked by the staff, which remained dry on temporary islands on the course. Thanks to KemperSports Twitter account, we can witness the bizarre sight ourselves.

According to B.R. Koehnemann, the Director of Communications at KemperSports, all 60 KemperSports staff members who work at the Wilderness at Lake Jackson survived the storm and are accounted for. However, many of them have significant home damage. To help with their recovery, KemperSports has started to a fund to help the staff and their families who were affected. You can donate to the fund here.

The problems at The Wilderness are not over. The course is still closed, and a tournament scheduled for September 16 has been canceled. The club’s website currently hosts a message that reads in part, “Due to the effects caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Wilderness Golf Club is temporarily closed for clean-up.