Olympics 2016: Team USA’s Hat Game Is Strong

August 12, 2016

There’s no better time than the Olympics to showcase your country’s national pride with an eye-catching collection of patriotic apparel, and Team USA hasn’t disappointed — especially when it comes to hats. Does any other team have a greater variety of colors and styles? We think not. Unfortunately, not every design is worthy of a gold medal. Here’s the definitive ranking of the best … and worst:

Missed the podium:

Sorry, Bubba, but these visors are kind of a snooze. We’ll give props for the options offered, though: extra-tall peak for Bubba, and a smaller, more low-profile version for his caddie. And hey, they also come in red!

Bronze medal:

Patrick Reed’s basic trucker-style cap doesn’t get a whole lot of points for originality, but it does match his outfit, and that’s what really matters. Bonus: It comes in white.

And blue, too (our personal fave).

Silver medal:

It’s loud, it’s proud, and the USA insignia is so large, you can’t help but believe its wearer is a winner (or a member of an ATF bomb squad team?). Plus, isn’t it fun to see the generally sartorially-reserved Matt Kuchar modeling a high-peak flat-brim? There’s also this version, which includes the word “Team”:

Alas, only one hat can score a perfect 10? The gold medal goes to…

Rickie Fowler, king of the flat-brim! There’s no denying that Fowler’s proud showcase of the stars and stripes is the ultimate display of American patriotism. U-S-A! U-S-A!