You have to see Nick Dunlap’s Alabama teammates lose it after his PGA Tour win

Nick Dunlap's Alabama teammates went wild after his historic win.

Nick Dunlap's teammates went wild after his historic win.


After his second round at the American Express, Nick Dunlap was thinking about where he wasn’t: His Alabama golf team Sprinter van.

“I went from riding in the back of a Sprinter van at Alabama to— I’m driving an X5 around the whole week,” Dunlap said Friday evening. It’s freezing cold [in Alabama], and I’m out here playing in perfect conditions and great golf courses.”

Ironically, two nights later where did his Alabama teammates watch as Dunlap became the first amateur in 33 years to win on the PGA Tour? From the team Sprinter van, of course.

Crimson Tide graduate student Canon Claycomb was live tweeting Dunlap’s historic final round and the final one was definitely the best. Claycomb posted a video of himself and his teammates watching Dunlap attempt his final putt for the win in almost complete silence.

“Come on Nick! Come on Nick!” Someone says as Dunlap steps up to the six-footer.

Of course, the putt fell and the team went absolutely wild. Everyone in the van was screaming as loud as they could for their teammate.

“Oh my god!” were the only words that could be made out.

“OH MY GOD HE DID IT. NICK DUNLAP I LOVE YOU. RMFT,” Claycomb captioned the video which had over 243,000 views by 10 p.m. ET Sunday night. RMFT is short-hand for Alabama’s chant “Roll Tide,” but we’ll let you use your imagination for what goes in between those words.

Ironically, Dunlap’s win probably means his team won’t have his services for much longer. The win comes with membership to the PGA Tour through the 2026 season should Dunlap, who’s in the middle of his sophomore year for the Crimson Tide, choose to turn pro. There are several different scenarios in which Dunalp can exercise the membership by turning pro at different points in the next two years, but he will likely choose before he uses up his college eligibility.

After his win, he said he wasn’t ready to make a decision.

But his teammates didn’t care they were ecstatic for their man. In fact, they had TV going in the Sprinter — yes, D1 college golf teams have vans with live TVs in them now — from the moment the broadcast came on when Dunlap was on the 8th hole.

Claycomb’s tweets were quite entertaining throughout the final round. Here are some of the better ones over the last couple of holes.

It’s not every day your college teammate wins a PGA Tour event, so good on the Crimson Tide for celebrating right.

At his winner’s press conference, Dunlap was asked about life on Alabama’s van. He explained that seating in the van usually goes from oldest in the front to youngest in the back. Dunlap, just a sophomore, usually gets sent to the back, meaning his head hits his head when his coach hits a speed bump.

As a PGA Tour winner does that move your spot in the van at all?

“Maybe a seat forward,” Dunlap said with a laugh. “Hopefully, we’ll see.”

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