New women’s world record set at World Long Drive Competition

July 26, 2017

There were no record-breaking driving feats seen at the accuracy-intensive Royal Birkdale during the British Open, but halfway across the world the longest of the long-bombers were taking aim, and we have a new world record as a result.

Philis Meti was in a semifinal battle at the World Long Drive Championships in Denver Tuesday when she got an incredible kick off the turf. It sent her ball shooting forward—much to the delight of the Golf Channel broadcast team—all the way past 400 yards.

Did it hit a sprinkler head? Maybe, but the drive rolled out to 406 yards, which now stands as a new world record. If only Meti had done that in the finals, she could have defended her 2016 crown. The New Zealand native would finish second after advancing to the championship round. Check out the bombed drive in the video below.