New Jersey Public Course Hosts Strip Club Golf Outing

August 9, 2016

If you’d put it in the an episode of The Sopranos, it would seem hard to believe: a public golf course holding a charity golf event sponsored by a strip club.

And yet, there they were at Preakness Valley Golf Course in Wayne, N.J. — exotic dancers using flagsticks as poles. 

Sunrise Gentleman’s Club sponsored the event, charging $195 per person saying the money went to charity.

News 4 NBC in New York City sent an investigative team to the event and actually has video showing the lewd behavior that shocked neighbors and has the County Administrator investigating how something like this could happen.

The course abuts (no jokes) a busy road and News 4 took video of one dancer in partial undress on one of the greens. It certainly didn’t appear to be difficult for a passerby to see what was going on. 

Watch the News 4 report below.