The most unpopular opinions in golf, according to golf fans

With so many rules in golf, the GOLF social team asked our community to share their most unpopular opinions...and they didn't disappoint

We asked, and you provided plenty of opinions.

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Opinions are like…well, you probably know how this phrase ends. And just like in real life, there are plenty of unpopular opinions when it comes to the game of golf — especially considering all the different rules that come along with the game.

While every golfer probably has their own side bets, competitions, gimmes, and/or relief to make the game a little bit less stressful during a round, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see any of these things adopted by a pro golf league like the PGA Tour.

But, hey, if you can’t get the rules to change, we might as well voice our unpopular opinions in a safe space like social media, right?

That’s exactly what the GOLF social media team recently did, posing a very simple question: What’s your most unpopular golf opinion?

As one might imagine, the responses were pretty much gold — and relatable — so take a look below at what some of your fellow golf enthusiasts had to say. The Internet sure can be a wonderful place sometimes, can’t it?

Tell us your most unpopular golf opinion

1. “Players should get free relief from divots in the fairway.”

2. “Music on the golf course is trash. Go have beers in a backyard or go to a concert if music is super important to you.”

3. “The cart fee should be shared with your riding partner.”

4. “All 4-man scrambles should be played in groups of 8 so that both teams keep each other honest.”

5. “Public courses should raise their prices by $1 each round and use that money to hire competent Marshalls and cart attendants.”

6. “Paying the same cart fee as a single or twosome.”

7. “Groups of 8 or less should be allowed so long as they can keep the desired pace of said course. A fast 8 is sometimes better than a slow foursome.”

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8. “The cups need to be set .25 inches deeper to prevent bounce outs.”

9. “If you’re taking a penalty drop, you should be allowed to place the ball. It gives everyone the same opportunity to create a preferred lie. If you’re penalized already and dropping, you shouldn’t be penalized again. This would also eliminate the issue of ‘re-dropping’ when your ball bounces closer to the hole. It speeds up play and eliminates cheating.”

10. “It should be an automatic pick up once you reach double-bogey on a hole.”

11. “Out of bounds should be determined by a fence, concrete, or another persons property…not some white stakes placed strategically because the head pro wanted them there.”

12. “PGA pros would shoot 4-6 shots worse if they didn’t have fans and ball-spotters running to their errant shots. And amateurs would shoot 8-12 shots better if they did.”

13. “Everyone should start playing at the front tees. Once you can break 80 about 75% of your rounds, you move back one tee. Rinse and repeat… it doesn’t matter how far you hit it, if the golf course is continually beating you by 8 shots, move up.”

14. “Tour conditions with perfect greens and fairways are easier than an average track.”

15. “A ‘good’ shot where you can’t find your ball shouldn’t cost a stroke…if the rest of the group agrees.”

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16. “The golf handicap system is flawed, and it needs to be fixed.”

17. “Any shot that hits the flagstick may be, at the option of the player, placed within one-flagstick-length away from the cup.”

18. “3.5 hours should be the required pace-of-play for recreational foursomes. If you don’t keep pace, you’re required to skip ahead.”

19. “Practice swings should be illegal unless you are a single-digit handicap.”

20. “Higher handicaps should be required to play from forward tees on the weekends to help with pace of play.”

21. “You should actually know how to get a golf ball off the ground before playing on the course.”

22. “Fast play is overrated. 4.5-hour rounds are just about right. That gives time for the occasional run-over conversation, proper time for lining up putts, and time to smell the damned roses. I get out there to enjoy life, not to run to my next appointment.”

23. “Prior to being allowed on a golf course, golf and etiquette lessons should be required, with a certification and licensing once passed.”

24. “Golf balls should have a chip in them in order to locate them via a phone app.”

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25. “Hoodies and joggers shouldn’t be allowed on the course.”

26. “Play ready golf until everybody gets on the green. Then putt in order.”

27. “Golf should be walking only.”

28. “Grill hotdogs, or don’t serve food at the clubhouse.”

29. “Tiger Woods will barely make cuts if he tries to make a comeback.”

30. “You shouldn’t be allowed to drink alcohol or smoke on the course. The sport should be about health.”

So, what do you think? Good opinions? Bad opinions? Absolutely insane opinions?

Given all of the suggestions, there were definitely a few unpopular golf opinions that I find myself agreeing with — but there are always more we should know about!

If we missed something and we need to hear it, leave a comment on the Instagram post to let us know. We may not be able to convince the powers that be to change any rules, but we can all join in solidarity to voice our frustration together until the end of time!

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