Millionaire raffling off his mansion with golf course for just $14

December 19, 2017

Ever get that feeling when you’re just sick of your mansion, your Rolls-Royce, and your three-hole golf course and decide you just want to get rid of it all? Me neither, but at least one English couple can relate.

According to the Daily Mail, the anonymous millionaire and his wife in question were planning on selling their home to move closer to family, but they decided to eschew a traditional sales process and instead opted to raffle off the home. The property is listed at £2.3 million (or $3 million). The price for a raffle ticket? Just $14, and it’s open to all residents of Great Britain.

But you don’t just get a beautiful English country mansion. The deal includes the three-hole golf course on the property, a full wine cellar, a Rolls-Royce, £50,000 in cash, all of their furniture, and much more.

The plan is to sell up to 500,000 raffle tickets. If they all sell, the pair will rake in millions more than the property is worth, but they plan on donating a large portion of the profit to charity. You can enter the competition here.