Mike Trout back hitting absolute bombs at Topgolf (and now we know his ball speed)

mike torut hitting drive at topgolf

Mike Trout during a recent Topgolf visit.

TikTok: @miketrout

Los Angeles Angels’ slugger Mike Trout can absolutely rake when he’s between the lines on a baseball field. But during a recent Topgolf visit, he reminded us once again that he’s also not afraid to flex his muscle with a golf club is in hands.

The three-time MLB MVP posted a video of himself swinging a driver with the same force he typically exhibits when blasting a 450-foot dinger. The end result: a bomb that carried 284 yards with a 161-foot apex and appeared to exit the far end of the range. “That was a laser beam,” one of his playing mates says from off camera.

Here’s video proof, via Trout’s TikTok.

Mike Trout’s ball speed surpassed Tiger Woods’

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Trout mashing a golf ball, as he’s made a habit of posting long drives on social media over the years.

But here’s a new wrinkle: Trout’s latest viral blast clocked in at a ball speed that was faster than Tiger Woods’ during the most recent The Match. Topgolf’s tech recorded Trout’s ball speed at 184 miles per hour, while Tiger’s tee shots last month were in the 175-mph range.

Don’t get us wrong: Tiger’s speed is more than impressive — especially for a guy who’s coming off major surgeries — but it’s hard not to be wowed by a MLB player besting the 15-time major champ.

Trout is a beast, whether he’s knocking baseballs into another zip code, or golf balls.

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