Mike Ditka Says Juniors Should Try Golf Instead of Football

December 23, 2015

As public knowledge of the sports-related brain disease CTE rises in wake of the Hollywood film “Concussion,” one former NFL star thinks golf stands as a worthy alternative to contact sports. 

Hall of Fame member Mike Ditka recently said that, as a father, he might advise his children to pursue sports like golf instead of high-contact sports like football. This comes from a Chicago Tribune article by Jared Hopkins.

“I would never discourage my son from playing football or baseball or anything else, but I would probably say, ‘Hey, listen, you ought to try golf,” Ditka said to Hopkins. “I think that’s what’s going to happen to a degree.”

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If Ditka is foreshadowing a grim future for high-contact sports like football, he might as well be foreshadowing a better future for golf. 

For a man who apparently had four hip replacements, that advice might be worth quite a bit to others.