Michelle Wie and her Model Friend Swim With Sharks in Hawaii

December 9, 2015

The adventures of Michelle Wie on, in and around the ocean are never-ending, and the latest installment will make everyone jealous — if it hasn’t already.

Wie has been spending some time in her native Hawaii, blowing off some steam after what she called a “frustrating year.” On Wednesday of this week she went shark diving with longtime friend and model Meg Akim (who also happens to be Miss Kaka’ako, a portion of Honolulu), and posted some amazing photo and video documentation of the experience via her Instagram page and blog.

Wie called the adventure a “bucket list item,” adding that, “We were so scared but once we were in the water swimming around with around 30 sharks, it felt so peaceful and calm.” For some people, four-foot putts are scary. For others, swimming with sharks is scary. Wie is neither of those people.

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Check out her Instagram posts below. More photos of her recent adventures can be found here.

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