Max Homa takes aim at swings of fellow pros, star athletes with blistering critiques

Max Homa captured his first PGA Tour win at the 2019 Wells Fargo Championship.

The PGA Tour winner Max Homa has been on a tear all week. But not on the golf course. Instead, Twitter has been his chosen field of dominance. His medium of mastery? Blistering critiques of golf swings that will double you over with laughter.

First, the reigning Wells Fargo champion picked apart the swings of his Twitter followers who flooded his feed with their own swing videos. But this wasn’t an example of a Tour pro going out of his way to punch down at recreational hackers trying their best. Instead, Homa’s followers begged him to “do his worst” and “destroy” their egos.

Homa was more than happy to oblige, and proceeded to post dozens of cutting one-liners deflating any swing confidence found in the Twitterverse.

Eventually, Homa’s fellow PGA Tour pros, several media personalities, as well as some golf-obsessed star athletes from other sports joined in on the fun, sending Homa videos of their swings and demanding he show them the same respect, or lack of respect, he showed his fans.

The resulting stream of disses, burns, and broadsides makes you wonder if these famous faces have ever heard of the phrase “be careful what you wish for.”

Among Homa’s latest victims are Tour pros Justin Thomas, Eddie Pepperell, Ben Taylor and Patrick Rodgers, LPGA pro Jane Park, Paige Spiranac, NBA star Andre Iguodala, Colorado Rockies infielder Taylor Snyder, pro hockey player Eric Tangardi, Barstool Sports’ personalities and more. Check out a collection of the best digs below.

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