Masters ticket prices are on the rise (but still remain an insanely good value)

masters pimento cheese sandwich cost

The $1.50 pimento cheese sandwich remains a staple of budget-friendly Masters lore.

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It seems nothing in life is truly inflation-proof.

On Tuesday evening, Augusta National released the latest round of Masters badges, and prices to attend the famed event this April are higher than ever.

In 2023, a weeklong Masters badge will run fans $450, the highest price ever for tournament badges, and an increase of some $75 over 2022. The increase marks the latest price jump for golf’s first major, which has also adjusted the cost of some tournament concessions and apparel over recent years to better meet rising costs nationwide. (These numbers come to us courtesy of The Aiken Standard‘s John Boyette.)

But price increases only tell half the story for the Masters, which has built a not insignificant piece of its legend around being one of the sports world’s great bargains. Even as costs rise for entree to golf’s first major, the overall price of tournament attendance remains among the lowest in golf, even for those flying in from out of state.

Yes, even with ticket prices growing, the cost of attending the event remains comparatively affordable. With the increase, the get-in price for the weeklong badge, which is good for all four tournament rounds, works out to just $112.50 per day — cheaper than both the PGA Championship and U.S. Open, while landing close to the cost of daily tickets to the Open Championship. And, no, that doesn’t include the cost of parking, because it is free for all who attend the tournament.

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And once you’re inside the gates, the costs only drop further. A month before the PGA of America found itself in hot water over the cost of a 24-ounce Michelob Ultra ($18), Augusta National made beer the most expensive item on the Masters food menu in 2022. The cost of a pint was $5. Other menu items, like the famed Pimento Cheese Sandwich, remained steady at their longtime price of $1.50. (The Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich, on the other hand, disappeared from the menu altogether.)

Still, taking advantage of any of these prices is assuming you can find a way in the door, and that’s far from a certainty. Masters badges remain the most elusive ticket in professional sports, and each year thousands find their way into the tournament’s lottery system with hopes of earning the right to purchase tickets. Those who aren’t patient enough to wait pay nosebleed prices on the secondary market, often shelling out thousands for badges of their own.

For those responsible for saddling the burden of an extra $75 per badge, that’s the good news. If you’re not willing to pay the full fee, you can rest assured there’s someone out there willing to help you make your money back (and then some).

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