Majority of Readers Say They Won’t Read Steve Williams’ Book

November 3, 2015
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If Tiger Woods was worried about his waning popularity, he can put those worries to rest; the majority of readers won’t be reading former caddie Steve Williams’ tell-all book.

Williams published his autobiography “Out of the Rough” on Monday, and much of it focuses on his 13 years on Tiger’s bag and their relationship both on and off the course. But two Sports Illustrated senior writers have widely panned the book, calling it a missed opportunity for someone so close to the game’s biggest influence in the modern era.

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Michael Bamberger called the book, “trite, superficial, and vindictive.” Michael Rosenberg referred to a part of the book where Williams says he has no sympathy for Woods’ actions during the cheating scandal, saying, “And I’m supposed to think Tiger is the jerk here?” Williams’ likening his treatment by Woods as slavery generated the most heat through social media. 

Almost 75 precent of readers said they would not add Williams’ book to their reading lists.

Williams decided to publish the book in New Zealand, though copies of it are available on Amazon in the U.S. Would you read “Out of the Rough?” Tell us in the comments below.