Luke Ice J Flex Putter: First Look

February 18, 2015

Designed by Rick Gehman and Luke Ice as a means for Luke’s son to become more consistent on the greens, the J Flex aims to eliminate putts struck with a flawed stroke that immediately dart off line.

The J Flex provides such forgiveness by borrowing a bit of technology that’s become common in driver, fairway wood and iron manufacturing. Dubbed AccuFlex, it embeds a small cavity behind the face that allows it to flex when the ball is struck, a dampening effect that can mitigate the waywardness of heel and toe mis-hits.

The club boasts a futuristic look, but it also incorporates the classy, polished finish of many popular flat sticks. In early stages of production and distribution, J Flex, which has been preliminarily approved by the USGA, is available through a Kickstarter program for a minimum donation of $129. If forgiveness in a uniquely made putter head is what you’re after, look no further.

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