Long Eagle Putt Rejected by Evil Golf Buddy

October 12, 2015

Golf buddies can be ultra-competitive on the course, even when playing for nothing but bragging rights on their local muni. And who doesn’t like to prank their best friends on the golf course?

A line must be drawn somewhere, though, and we may have found that line in the video below.

In the short clip posted to Youtube, a golfer can be seen setting up for what the poster says is his first-ever putt for eagle (and a lengthy one at that), a momentous occasion for any regular hacker.

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The putt tracks all the way across the green straight toward the hole. But when the ball is just inches away from dropping in the cup, the cameraman kicks it off the green.

No word on the official ruling on this play, but we’ll get the Rules Guy to weigh in as soon as possible.