Long drive champion’s drive goes a hilarious distance on a simulator

Joe Miller

The simulator hole was over 450 yards. 

The simulator 30-row-deep, gray bleachers were about 25 yards behind the hole. 

The simulator ball was about 75 yards behind the bleachers. 

A 555-yard simulator drive. 

Five. Hundred. And. Fifty. Five. Yards. 

“Oh my God,” Joe Miller said as the ball began to fall. 

Oh my, Joe Miller. 

In a video he recently shared on his social media accounts, the 2010 and 2016 long drive champion long-drove the simulated 18th hole at Wentworth Golf Club in England, site of the European Tour’s BMW PGA Championship. Or long-drove over it. He uncorked the drive into the simulator. It went over the trees on the right.   

“There we go, mate,” a man in the background said. “There we go.”

The ball, marked by a yellow line, carried the trees. It carried the green. It carried the bleachers. 

It carried 528 yards. 

“Five-hundred-and-twenty-eight,” the man in the background yelled. 

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It rolled another 27 yards. 

“Five-hundred-and-fifty-five,” the man in the background yelled.

Long. But not his longest. Miller’s website says his longest drive in a competition is 474 yards. And 560 out of competition. 

“Easy par from there,” Miller said as the video ended.  

One problem.  

“Problem is you have just hit a kid waiting for an autograph and a photo,” European Tour pro Andrew “Beef” Johnston joked in response to seeing where the ball landed.  

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