lang="en-US"> This or That: 15 questions with U.S. Open champ Gary Woodland

This or That: 15 questions with U.S. Open champ Gary Woodland

Prior to his U.S. Open victory, we conducted a fun “This or That” Q&A with U.S. Open at Pebble Beach champ Gary Woodland. We’ll get back to you if the past week has changed his mind on that Masters vs. U.S. Open and Augusta vs. Pebble question …

Coffee or tea? 


Wine or beer?

Gosh,  I don’t drink either one. Gimme a hard liquor. (Laughs) I need liquor.

All right, bourbon or vodka? 

Yeah, vodka. (Laughs)

Coke or Pepsi? 


Twizzlers or Swedish Fish?

Ooh, Swedish Fish.

Tin Cup or Caddyshack?   

Tin Cup.

Tiger’s putting at his peak or D.J.’s driving?

Tiger’s putting by far.

Cart or caddy?  


Wood tees or plastic tees?  


Masters or U.S. Open win?


McCord’s moustache or Feherty’s facial hair?

Oh, gosh. If I have to pick one, I mean, that’s tough. I’ll do McCord’s. They’re both horrible. (Laughs) But I’ll take McCord’s.

Jordan or LeBron?

Oh, gosh. Right now, Jordan. LeBron’s is defying all odds right now at 33, the way he’s playing. So we’ll see what happens in five years.

Shorts or pants? 

Oh, shorts.

NFL or college football?   


Augusta or Pebble?          


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