Lawsuit Calls For Tree Removal at ‘Poor Man’s Pebble Beach’

November 13, 2015
pacific grove.jpg

Six blue gum eucalyptus trees will be removed from Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course as a result of a settled lawsuit between homeowners and the city.

According to the Monterey Herald, thee trees in question, along the fifth hole, will be replaced with a more “suitable species” of tree, along with netting to protect the plaintiffs’ homes.

The homeowners filed suit in April claiming the eucalyptus trees were “rotting, decaying, hazardous, and dangerous to plaintiffs’ health, safety and welfare, interfering with their peace of mind and the comfortable use and enjoyment of plaintiffs’ homes, as well as causing other damages.” The plaintiffs cited loss of property value as one of those other damages.

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Known fondly as the “poor man’s Pebble Beach,” this public gem on the Monterey Peninsula is a popular destination for golfers who want the beauty of a coast California course without the hefty price tag.

The plaintiffs and the city will split the costs of the removal and replacement of the trees and the construction of the netting. According to the Herald, both parties are “determined to compromise and settle their differences” in order to avoid further costs and litigation.