Here’s how to take a buddies trip for four to Las Vegas for under $5K

Las Vegas is one of the country’s prime destinations for the crown jewel of all buddies trips — the bachelor party — but if you’ve aged out of that particular category of bro-tastic get-togethers, Sin City is still an excellent base to stage a buddies golf trip that players of any age will enjoy.

Here’s how to enjoy a long weekend of golf, fun and sun for four players for under $5K in Las Vegas, Nevada.

AIRFARE: ~$1,320

Airfare varies widely depending on where you’re coming from. A nonstop flight with Delta will set you back $432/person from JFK, while no-frills Spirit Airlines will take you on an evening flight from Boston for under $250. From Chicago, Spirit and Frontier can also get you there for under $250 each. (Prices via Kayak.)

So, let’s meet in the middle and say you can expect to spend around $330 per person in airfare.



Parking in Vegas can be expensive, especially when you stay in a hotel on the strip. Not to mention the hassle it can be to traipse across unending casino floors in search of the parking garage, to say nothing of trying to drive to and from dinners in your own vehicle.

For those reasons, we recommend the ever-faithful Uber. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to spend on ground transportation during your long weekend (I used Caesar’s Palace as a central-strip starting point for these estimates):

Ride from LAS to hotel (Uber XL): ~$40
2 round-trip rides to and from golf course (Uber XL): ~$100
3 round-trip rides to dinner on the strip (Uber X): ~$90
Ride back to LAS from hotel (Uber XL): ~$40

Uber total: ~$270

The best news? You can mitigate that cost even more by selecting a hotel within walking distance of your preferred dinner spots.

TOTAL SPEND: $1,320 + $270 = $1,590

Treasure Island is centrally located on the Las Vegas Strip.


One of the great perks of visiting Las Vegas is the vast number of options you have when it comes to hotels. From the super-luxe Cosmopolitan to the cost-friendly Stratosphere, you can find rooms to fit every budget.

Expedia is a great resource here, and a nice mid-range price for an early October weekend was at Treasure Island — an older property by Vegas standards, but centrally located and available for $154/night, plus a resort fee. For two rooms, the grand total for three nights comes to $1,394.32.

TOTAL SPEND: $1,590 + $1,394 = $2,984


Now let’s get to the reason you came: the golf!

Unless you are traveling with a bunch of high rollers, a round at Tiger vs. Phil showdown site, Shadow Creek, is unlikely. But Bali Hai, located literally on the Las Vegas Strip, is a super-fun — and super-close — option.

Green fees aren’t cheap, but you can save hundreds by opting to play in the afternoon instead of the morning. (Let’s face it — do you really want a morning tee time on a Vegas trip anyway?)

A 1:30 p.m. tee time on an October Saturday will set you back $169/player, for a grand total of $676 for a foursome.

A nice Day 2 option is the well-reviewed Las Vegas National, an easy 10 miles from the Strip. Again, waiting until 1:00 to play on an October Sunday will save you nearly $200 between four players. At only $79/player, a foursome here will only set you back $316. Feels like a bargain!

Total golf spend: $992

TOTAL SPEND: $2,894 + $992 = $3,976

The par-3 6th hole at Bali Hai Golf Club.
Getty Images

DINING: $980

Like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, Las Vegas can be a major budget-buster when it comes to dining. But with over $1,000 left in your $5K budget, you should still be able to splurge a bit (and maybe even have a bit left over for the gambling tables). Here’s a not-so-secret Vegas tip: Liquor stores abound, even in the airport terminals. You can save a bundle on booze by buying a bottle or two in advance and keeping it in your room for the duration of your trip.

Try this breakdown to stay within your established budget:

Arrival night dinner: $200
Lunch at course: $80
Day 2 dinner: $200
Lunch at course: $80
Day 3 dinner: $200
Breakfasts, snacks, incidentals: $220

Total dining spend: $980

TOTAL SPEND: $3,976 + $980 = $4,956 

There you have it! A fabulous, two-day, three-night buddies golf weekend in Las Vegas for under $5,000. Happy travels!

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