lang="en-US"> Jordan Spieth's bunker-rake fiasco fuels caddie speculation

U.S. Open 2019: Jordan Spieth’s bunker-rake fiasco fuels caddie drama

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — Jordan Spieth and his longtime caddie, Michael Greller, have in many ways embodied the 2019 U.S. Open so far.

It started during the first round on Thursday. Spieth snapped at Greller after hitting a shot into the water and then another one over the green. He appeared upset with Greller’s club suggestions. Spieth said he hit two “perfect” shots but wasn’t rewarded for them. After his round, both Spieth and Greller brushed off the incident.

Fast forward to Friday’s second round. Spieth, finding the greenside bunker off the tee, hit what appeared to be a good shot only to catch the lip of the bunker.

He looked utterly bemused after the shot.

At first it looked like Spieth had simply hit the lip of the bunker, but replays showed there was indeed a rake planted within the long grass of the fairway bunker. Spieth’s ball cleared the lip and slammed into the rake, which deflected it into the rough.

“Yes, there is a rake there,” a frustrated Spieth said to his caddie.

Spieth advanced his ball forward from the rough, wedged onto the green, and then made the putt to save a great bogey.

Was it Greller’s fault? In a perfect world, the caddie would spot it and move it. But I’ve stood on that spot — the grass is really long. It’s certainly easy to see how a rake nestled down in there could be hidden from view. After all, Spieth didn’t even appear to see it.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Golf Twitter from raging…

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