John Daly Explains the Difference Between Him and Jason Day

May 26, 2016

John Daly and Jason Day have the same initials, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Speaking before the Senior PGA Championship – Daly’s first PGA Tour Champions major – the 50-year-old used World No. 1 Day as an example of the differences between him and the Tour’s current crop of young talent.

“I worked just as hard as anybody else did,” Daly said. “Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have done the things that I did. My problem was, when I did win, I got lazy. And in the 90’s, I didn’t work as hard. Everything was coming in so fast, money was coming in and it wasn’t the way Jason Day is now. Once he wins, he’s back at it again. He’s working his ass off and wanting to keep winning and winning and winning.

“I was enjoying the moment a little longer than most. I just wasn’t taught how to be that way. Nobody programmed me to be that way. I’m not a ball beater. I’m a player. I like to go play a lot of golf. I don’t like to sit on the range for three and four hours and hit balls. I would rather go out and play a lot of golf.”

Daly has a point. After his PGA Championship win, Day followed up with five wins in the next nine months.

Daly, on the other hand, seems to have savored his victories a little more. After Daly won the 1995 British Open, he didn’t win another event until 2004.