John Daly, Beef Johnston and the Time They Drank Whiskey Together

July 29, 2016

In a Tim Rosaforte feature on John Daly that appeared in today’s Golf World, Rosaforte looks back on Daly’s career 25 years after his unpredictable PGA triumph at Crooked Stick, when he went from ninth alternate to major champion.

In the piece, there was also a story about another fan favorite, Andrew “Beef” Johnston, who first met Daly at the 2012 BMW International. Beef stormed onto the scene in April when he won the Spanish Open and famously said he was going to “get hammered” to celebrate.

According to Rosaforte Beef and Daly have formed a friendship over the years, but apparently Beef can’t drink like Daly can, according to Long John.

“He thought he could drink whiskey like me,” Daly said. “That didn’t pan out too good. He tried to keep up, but just couldn’t.”